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Convert your Twitch clips to TikTok !

Convert your Twitch clips to TikTok, Youtube reels and Instagram in seconds!
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interface of the quavy tool that turns a twitch clip into TikTok
Convert a Twitch clip to TikTok
Quavy is the best way to convert your Twitch clips into TikTok, Instagram Reels and Youtube Short. There is no software to download and no editing knowledge is required. You find all your Twitch clips directly in the platform, edit them as you wish and then automatically share them on TikTok and all other social networks. Everything is done in a few minutes and it's 100% free !
You decide where your camera is and what part of the gameplay you want to add to your video.  You can then add effects, transitions, music, text and stickers to your Twitch video before uploading it to TikTok. Create your own content to attract as many people as possible to your streams.

How to convert a Twitch clip
into a TikTok?

interface of the quavy tool that allows you to easily choose a Twitch clip

Choose a Twitch clip

All your Twitch clips are directly on Quavy ready to be converted into TikTok. No need to download your clips one by one on Twitch.
interface of the quavy tool that allows to edit Twitch clip for TikTok

Edit your Twitch clip !

Choose a template for your Twitch clip adapted to the TikTok format.  Quavy offers you a maximum of customization in just a few clicks.
interface of the quavy tool that allows you to automatically share your Twitch clip on TikTok

Automatically share

Finally, choose the different social networks where you want to share your Twitch clip. You can send it to TikTok, Instagram reel and Youtube short and in one click, your video is on all your favorite social networks.
Save time and
develop your community.
interface of the quavy tool that allows you to create TikTok templates

Why convert a Twitch clip to TikTok?

Converting a Twitch clip to TikTok is the best way for a streamer to increase the size of his community. Twitch's algorithm doesn't put forward small streamers who are neglected by the platform. By sharing your Twitch clips in TikTok, you advertise your stream! A streamer who makes less than 10 views per live can make hundreds of thousands of views thanks to the algorithm of TikTok. This allows you to increase your community tenfold. Despite the added value of using these social networks, it is a process that takes time and can be complicated. With Quavy, you can send your Twitch clips to Instagram reels and Youtube short in addition to TikTok in a few minutes, without any editing knowledge.

Turn your Twitch clips into TikToK for free

Quavy allows you to turn your Twitch clips into TikTok for free. There is no trial period, no subscriptions. You can use all the features in an unlimited way to increase your community. We don't add any watermark on the video and you can use it as you want. You don't need to enter your credit card or create an account. Use Quavy without paying, send your clips directly to your favourite social networks: TikTok, Instagram reels and Youtube short.
interface of the quavy tool that allows you to edit your Twitch clip
the various TikTok templates offered by Quavy

Save time by converting Twitch clips into TikTok

Thanks to Quavy, all the steps take place on the same platform. No need to go on Twitch to upload your clips, use an editing software and go on each social network to post them. Everything happens on Quavy! On average, the conversion of a Twitch clip takes 3 minutes from selection to sharing with less than 10 clicks. Our credo: "Stream, we take care of the rest", we automate the maximum of steps so you can focus on what you really love, streaming.

The best quality professional rendering for your TikTok

On Quavy all Twitch clips are exported in the highest quality in 1080p and 60fps. Put all the chances on your side by sharing professionally rendered TikTok to attract the most people to your stream. Your other social networks are the showcase of your Twitch stream, you have to highlight them. Thanks to our library of effects, transitions and stickers, you can easily and quickly get an edit that will allow you to stand out from other streamers. We give you all the tools to easily create creations that look like you !
a rendering of Quavy exported in 1080p and 60fps