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Share your Twitch stream

Share your Twitch stream on every social media with just one click !
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Quavy interface that allows you to automatically share your Twitch stream on TikTok, Youtube and all other social medias
The best way to share your stream on every social media
Sharing your Twitch content can be difficult and time consuming, especially when you have lots of different medias. Thanks to Quavy, you can easily share your Twitch stream on every social media by just clicking on one button. We support a lot of sites like TikTok, Youtube short, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram Reels  and Discord.
We help you create best-ofs, put your best moments in vertical format and then your content is automatically sent on all your socials. You can also share you whole stream directly to Youtube with segments. Our motto : “stream we take care of the rest

Different formats of video that
you can share

Format an horizontal Twitch clip to a vertical video for TikTok, Reels and Short

Share one Twitch clip to TikTok, Reels and short

Transform one of your clip in vertical format and quickly share it to all the TikTok like social medias
Twitch stream shared on all social medias

Share a best of Twitch clips to Youtube, Twitter and Discord

Choose several clips, add effects, texts, transitions, stickers and share it automatically on Youtube, Twitter and Discord
Twitch stream automatically shared on Youtube

Share you stream in its entirety on Youtube

Choose your entire stream, segment it, choose the date and share it to Youtube
All your social media centralised
in one platform
The different templates available on Quavy

Why share my Twitch stream ?

It’s becoming harder and harder to grow a strong community with only Twitch. Nowadays you need to share your channel to other social media like TikTok, Youtube or Instagram. The advantages of sharing your Twitch stream to other social media are numerous :Some people don’t have the time to watch your entire stream and prefer to see short segments or best of. Some other are not available when you are streaming and prefer to watch a replay on Youtube. Thanks to the other social media you can attract a larger community that will then tune in every time you stream. The more social media you are present in, the bigger your community will be. Unfortunatly it’s a process that take time. Quavy reduce this time to almost zero by proposing a platform that allows you to create share video content directly from your Twitch channel.

Share your stream on all social media in one place

Have you ever dreamt of clicking on one button and sharing all your best of, best moments and stream on all your social medias. Quavy made your fantasy come true. Connect your Twitch and all your socials to Quavy and transfer all your content from your stream account to TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and more. No more need to go to each platforms plus use an editing software… Everything takes place on Quavy from the derushing to the sharing through the editing !
Youtube, Twitter, Discord and TikTok connected on Quavy to automatically share your Twitch clips
Calendar that automatically post Twitch clip to TikTok and other social medias

Get an all-in-one social media calendar to schedule your sharing

Quavy offers you a calendar linked to all your social medias that allows you to schedule all your post in advance. It allows you to share several times a day on all your socials with only one stream. You can set all your posts for the week without having to go on TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, ect every days. We know how important it is that you share your Twitch channel on every platform but we also know that it takes so much time and can put a toll on your mental health. Media burnout is real, with Quavy, focus only on what you love doing : streaming !

Get the best tips and optimize your Twitch channel sharing

Sharing is caring ! Quavy has also a great blog that help you find the best way to share your Twitch channel. You can also join Quavy’s discord community to talk with active streamers that use Quavy and with the creators. You will learn what and when to post, the latest trends, musics and hashtags to use. By joining Quavy’s community you will gain an edge on other streamers and will stand out on all the social media.
Twitch content on social media with the best tags to become viral