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Just stream !
We do the rest.

Stream !
We take care
of the rest.

Quickly create video content from your Twitch channel and easily share it on all your social networks.
Access to the beta

Simplify how you create and share
your Twitch content


Made in Twitch

Nous récupérons vos clips via l’API Twitch, et vous choisissez ceux que vous souhaitez partager.

Une palette d'outils à votre disposition

Choisissez un template, organisez, coupez et redimensionnez les clips grâce à un éditeur vidéo complet et facile d'utilisation.

Rassemblez vos communautés

Partagez vos publications sur Youtube, Instagram reels et Tiktok, Twitter, Discord, directement via Quavy.
Ne laissez pas votre communauté passer à coté de vos créations.

Made in Twitch

We get all your clips via the Twitch API: choose what you want to share.

Access your best stream moments and prepare your video by organizing and resizing your clips!

Catch them all !

Sort your clips by date, game or popularity to help you make the right choice.
Don't miss any important moment of your stream thanks to our search tool

Tailored content for each social media.

Different templates are available so your content suit all your social networks : portrait, landscape, square, etc.

A range of tools at your disposal

Organize, trim and resize clips with a comprehensive and intuitive video editor

Browse our Twitch-ready effects and transitions library to make your video more dynamic

Sharing is caring

Share your posts on Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram reels and all other social networks directly with Quavy.

Schedule your posts and let Quavy do the rest!

Bring your community together

Automatically inform your audience on Twitter, Discord, Instagram and Facebook about your latest creations from Quavy.

Don't let your community miss out on your creations.

Compatible with all your social networks


Save time and
develop your community.


Time is money

From the automatic retrieval of your clips to the sharing on your networks, through the simplified video editing. Quavy allows you to speedrun your content creation.

You are your own creations

Adapt your creations to your community with video and audio effects. Customize your content and stand out!

Measure the impact of your content !

Your statistics in one clear tool! No need to juggle between applications to see the number of followers increase on your social networks.

Streamer above all!

“Quavy was born from a problem I encountered during my journey as an amateur streamer. I wanted to develop my Youtube channel and my social networks, but I didn't have the time to do it without abandoning my passion, streaming.”

Bastien "Neisab" Lheureux,
Streamer, co-founder of Quavy and OTP Garen

To infinity and beyond

Discover the full power of Quavy with the Pro version and push your limits
Share your content on
social media
Get started for free
Recommended for
Streamers who want to create adapted content for social media and share it.
Free includes :
1080P, 60 FPS
Render time : 30 min/month
No watermark
Free, for always.
Use the power of Quavy
without limits
Get started
Recommended for
Streamers who want the best of Quavy, to create and publish with no limits.
Pro includes :
1080P, 60 FPS
No limit of render time
No watermark
High quality render
Fast & prioritized render
Priority support
VIP Discord Role

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to use Quavy?
To use Quavy, you only need a Twitch account, so that we can retrieve your content. An internet connection is also necessary to use our service.
Do I have to connect all my social networks?
No, you can only connect the networks on which you want to share your creation, for example only on Youtube.
Do I need a good internet connection to use Quavy?
No, the video export is done on our server so the quality of your internet connection has no impact on the export time.
Can I upload my creations locally?
Yes, Quavy offers the possibility to download all your creations locally.
Which social networks are supported by Quavy?
Quavy retrieves your clips from Twitch and allows you to share your creations on Youtube, Youtube Short, Tik Tok, Discord, Twitter and Instagram reels.
How long does a video export take?
It all depends on the size of the video you want to export. This step takes a few minutes. You can do anything else at the same time, it is Quavy's servers that are working and not your computer.
Why does Quavy need my personal data?
Quavy requires access to your Google account to allow you to export your creations directly to Youtube and edit the metadata of your new video. We use your Twitch account to retrieve your clips and replay.
How does my personal data improve my use of Quavy?
Vos données utilisateurs permettent d’exploiter au maximum Quavy en important vos créations directement sur Quavy, en utilisant vos informations Twitch, vos clips et replay, et en autorisant le partage automatique vers les différents réseaux sociaux.
When will the Quavy beta end?
The beta will end shortly before the launch of Quavy, we will keep you informed.
Will the Beta be updated?
Of course we will patch regularly to continuously improve Quavy.
What are the benefits of participating in the beta?
The benefits of participating in the beta are multiple:- free early access to the Quavy beta- a discount on the launch price- a privileged contact with the team to suggest features or to get- Access to the draw to be highlighted on our social networks.
How do I get my Twitch clips back?
After you login to your Twitch account, we will directly retrieve your clips, you can select the ones you want to keep for the next step.
Can I add the music I want?
Yes, just like local videos, you can add music from your computer to customize your video.
Can I add videos locally?
At the clip retrieval stage or in the editing section you have a button that allows you to add videos from your computer.
Can I edit my clips?
When retrieving clips or in the editing section you have the possibility to change the size of your clips.
What effects are available?
Quavy offers you a panel of effects that uses the codes of all social networks. We will continue to add new ones regularly.
How to contact us ?
You can join our discord and use the dedicated channel. Or by mail at the following address:
Can I give you feedback on the product?
Yes, channels on discord are dedicated to your feedback, whether it is about the product itself or your use of it.
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